WE ARE:  Kevin and Corrie, a husband and wife event videography team specializing in weddings.  Our primary region of focus is South Florida and the Tampa Bay area, but we are always willing to travel.  We have an obsession with digital video and an immense passion for creating unique cinematic productions.

WHY WEDDING VIDEOGRAPHY:  Two words: Happiness and Challenges.  We look for opportunities in life to surround ourselves with happy people.  You won't find many places more full of warm and happy people than at a wedding.  Wedding days are extremely intimate moments in life, and we are truly honored to be involved with each wedding we do.  Secondly, capturing the day and ensuring that all of the raw emotion flows through our lenses is a very exciting challenge.  In controlled shoots, video makers are able to do multiple takes and adjust every detail of each shot.  Live event videography is an entirely different challenge. There is no pause button once a wedding starts, and capturing it fully requires a very refined set of tools, skills, and creativity.  

OUR VIDEOGRAPHY EXPERIENCE:  Kevin began doing video editing as a hobby back in 1995. He has always thought of videography, editing, and color correction as an art form. His love for camera technology and editing software has given him extensive experience using some of the highest quality tools available. After moving to Florida in 2008, some of Kevin's ocean & water-sport related hobbyist videos went viral and eventually caught the eye of a producer in California.  Soon after, Kevin was hired for his first professional videography job doing freelance work for a post-production company based in West Los Angeles.  From that point on Kevin has had the privilege of working with many professional production companies on several projects ranging from adventure television pilots, product demonstration videos, to nationally televised commercials. As a result, he has been able to share his knowledge and experience with his wife, Corrie. Corrie's creativity and natural talent for seeing subjects through a lens provide the perfect compliment to Kevin's meticulous nature and technical skill. It is this blend of creativity and skill, as well as a love for videography as an art form, that combine to create the high quality work you will find in all Cinéma Pure videos.